retail & consumer range of products


Floor Care

GoTile : Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner
GoTile Description
GoMarb: Marble & Granite Polishing Cleaner
GoMarb Description
Pine Excess: Ultra Concentrated Floor Cleaner
Pine Excess Description
Wonder Pine: Herbal Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Wonder Pine Description
WonderWash pH neutral Floor Shampoo: Mild and Safe Cleaner for all Floorings
Wonder Pine Description
BETA A: Best Alkaline Floor Degreaser
BETA A Description

Detergent & Garment Care

WonderWash Matic: Premium Detergent for Fully Automatic Machines
WonderWash Description
WonderWash Liquid Matic: Premium Liquid Detergent for Fully Automatic Machines
WonderWash Liquid Matic Description
only for WHITE: Detergent specially made ONLY for WHITE CLOTHES
only for WHITE Description
Silky Soft: Fabric Conditioner & Softener with Exceptional Fragrance
Silky Soft Description
Happy Wash: Liquid Woollen Detergent
Happy Wash Description
Glaze Detergent: High Foaming Top Loading Detergent
Glaze Detergent Description

Kitchen & Bathroom Care

Glaze Auto: In-Cistern Toilet Cleaner Blue Cakes
Glaze Auto Description
Sheen: Urinal and Sanitary Cubes
Sheen Description
Glaze: Urinal and Sanitary Cubes
Glaze Description
Frag-Ful: Air Freshener Blocks
FragFul Description
Premium Silk Handwash: Dense Foaming Handwash with Skin Conditioners
Premium Silk Description
BETA E: Water based Pleasant Room Freshener
BETA E Description
Glaze: Toilet Bowl Cleaner
GTC Description
Wonder Shine: Glass Cleaner
Wonder Shine Glass Cleaner Description
UClean: Liquid Dishwash Cleaner
UClean Description
Automatic Dishwasher Set: Glaze-D Detergent, Rins-Off Rinse-Aid and Tab-Sal Salt
Automatic Dishwasher Description
D-Oil: Kitchen Chimney Degreaser
D-Oil Description