INSTITUTIONAL range of products

generic range of housekeeping products

GoTile: Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner
GoMarb: Granite & Marble Cleaner with Polish
WONDER PINE : Herbal Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Wonder Pine Description
Pine Excess : Floor Cleaner Concentrate with Maximum Fragrance
Pine Excess Description
UNI-Q Floor Cleaner
UNI-Q Description
Wonder Green Liquid: Multipurpose Floor Cleaner
Wonder Green Liquid Description
Premium Silk : High Foaming Hand Wash
Premium Silk Description
Ultra Silk : High Foaming Economy Hand Wash
Ultra Silk Description
Glaze Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Glaze Toilet Bowl Cleaner Description
Wonder Shine : Glass Cleaner

Wonder Shine Glass Cleaner 5 Description

Frag-Ful Air Freshener
Frag-Ful Air Freshener Description
Glaze Urinal Cubes
Glaze Urinal Cubes Description
Sheen Urinal Cubes
Sheen Urinal Cubes
Glaze Auto : In Cistern Toilet Cleaner
Glaze Auto Cleaner