About us

We are manufacturers of housekeeping products.
Ever since 1996 we have been manufacturing great quality products.
We got our ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2011.

how are we different from others?

A) We are manufacturers, so by dealing with us you skip all the middlemen
B) Our Products are really very good
(...that’s why, we offer you money back guarantee).
C) We empower you with information, so that you are able to make wise
decisions(...so you never pay more for something that’s not worthy ).
D) Our Products are very cost effective(...you will surely save a lot of money).
E) You will find so many new & unique products(...which will surely make your
life a lot easier and a lot cleaner).
F) We also take pride in the vast range of products that you will find under one roof
(...surely there is something for everyone).